Engines Upgrades & Modifications

MPR uses only Race Tech parts. Race Tech provides quality, precision engine services using the best equipment and processes in the industry.

MPR specializes in engine development and construction, engine reconditioning and race bike preparation. With over 25 years of racing experience, MPR will provide you with the customized and professional services you deserve. MPR specializes in providing excellent customer service.

The easiest way to improve the performance of a modern motocross engine is to keep it properly tuned and maintained, and to use the correct fuel. A performance exhaust system is an easy, affordable upgrade that can be applied to your motor. These upgrades are not a secret and are used by many riders to gain more usable power. But, what happens when you need a more specific power profile? MPR Suspension and Motors has created many powerful yet reliable four and two stroke engines for both amateur and professional racers. MPR ensures the highest level of performance from the machine you rely upon to win.

The customized nature of the work that we perform means that each racer and motor is treated as an individual. Each motor and rider are unique and we match the power delivery to each individual riding style. MPR motors are custom built and are proven to make more usable horsepower. Our results and performance are race track proven.



  • For any two stroke rebuilds please call for details. For us to accurately quote your repair we will need to have the bike here to do an estimate.


  • At MPR we do it right the first time. We will diagnose the extent of your top end damage and will provide you with an accurate quote to properly fix your machine.

Porting and head mods: Call for pricing information.

We provide cylinder porting and polishing, head decking, custom machine work, crankshaft balancing, carb tuning, and aftermarket exhaust systems. We are happy to help with basic rebuilds and much more.
Call us today to see how we can help you.



  • Split cases, detail bike, clean valves, carburetors, filters, adjust valves and inspect all motor parts.   Pricing is determained based on extent of damage, parts needed, and labor time.  Please call us for details.


  • Split cases, adjust valves, and inspect all motor parts.  For pricing please call for details.


  • Rebuild top end, detail the bike, clean filter and adjust valve clearance.
  • Replace and size guides resurface valve seats

Porting and head mods: Call for pricing information.